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The Process

 I love fabrics! I love the feel of them. I am bewitched by the variety. It is impossible to not adore all the depths of the colors and the  intriguing prints. I am drawn to the stories their contrasts create. I am a fabric junkie.

I had a problem though. Despite my reverence for fabric I was at best a poor seamstress and only an adequate quilter. Sure I can sew a straight line, but my dedication to precision ends there. I wanted more expression from my efforts than I could accomplish with a needle and thread. So I found myself experimenting with alternative ways to 'quilt'. Through trial and error I created my own medium.

My fabric landscapes begin with a piece of salvaged wood. I am as much a sucker for broken down furniture as I am for fabric. Unwanted cabinets, broken chair seats, discarded wooden platters all offer a lot of personality to my pieces. Once the wood is selected I work with fabric and an non toxic adhesive blend I mix myself. I do not use patterns and cut my fabric free hand. I do not pattern my scene before I start but let the setting take shape on it's own. After the fabric and adhesive have dried overnight I then add the tiny, finishing details with acrylic paint. 

I take a lot of pleasure from my work. The grain of the wood, the beauty of the fabrics, the bright snap of sharp scissors, the warm adhesive fluid under my fingers... it all speaks to me. I am honored if it speaks to you.